Hammock for two

47,50 zl

Jaki Specification

  • Weight : ~500g

  • Material : ripstop

  • Size : 270cm x 190cm

  • Zigzag stitching

  • Capacity : 180kg


True family hammock - irreplaceable piece of travel equipment with enough room for a small family. The material is light and strong at the same time. You can fold it in no time. Portable and small, comfy but indestructible - our hammock is the single best argument for outdoor lifestyle. The symbol of active people around the world who care about breaking everyday routine. UpNap offer more than just simple relax - we offer an escape from everyday life. Our goal is to help inspire people to organize and plan their own escape - whether it's afternoon in the park, weekend getaway or long mountain climb - UpNap hammocks delivers carefree quality time. Every time.