Hammock (double color)

48,75 zl


  • Weight : ~340g

  • Material : ripstop

  • Size : 250cm x 140cm

  • Zigzag stitching

  • Capacity : 160k


Drzymal’s wagon is a simple story of stubborn Polish farmer living in the Wielkopolskie region in Poland under the prussian rule in XIX century. He became a symbol of Polish resistance to germanization because after he was denied permission to build a house on his own land, he bought a circus wagon and turn it into his home. To make sure it wasn’t considered as stationary he moved his wagon every 24 hours to a different place. In this way he went around the ridiculous law. He was arrested and harassed several times but Drzymala kept being positive and went on with his circus wagon to cock a snook at Prussians authorities.

We wish ourself to have Drzymała strength to resist the absurd of nowadays reality. Drop everything, get the right perspective and make somewhere our own Drzymała wagon. Close to the nature, around a bonfire, perhaps laying on double layer UpNap hammock.

Double layer hammock is simply a double laziness due to special pocket between materials to slip whatever makes you feel comfortable (blanket or pillow). Attention: making our hammock even more comfortable may turn your 20 min nap into a proper Spanish few hours siesta.

Two layers of different colour material give an interesting design and better water resistance. Due to attached pocket  you can stuff your hammock within a minute. Our hammock go with two 50cm lines that will help you hang it. “Tell pitfull story” is a perfect hammock for people who love laziness especially in a multiple star “all inclusive” accommodation surrounded by nature.